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Name: Peridot Quezada
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Mexican
Sexuality: Straight
Star Sign: Gemini
Nickname: Space nerd
Traits: Quiet, Cocky, sarcastic
Likes: Tea, Coffee, Drawing, Playing video games
Dislike: Loud noises, Bugs, Waking up early
Occupation: College student
Hobbies: Drawing, Playing video games
Current residence: Canada

Place of Birth: Mexico
Hair style: Normal?
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Skin color/complexion: Tan
Height: 5'10
Weight: Undecided
Preferred clothing: Shirt, hoodie, and jeans
Other notes: -
One word to describe the character (hasty, bashful, modest, etc.): Modest
Attitude (the way the character acts): Sarcastic, Cocky
Goals/Ideals: - 
Fears:Bugs, Spiders, Heights 
Habits: Dozing off, doodling 
Other notes: -

Life Story:

<insert a brief history about the character's childhood, teenhood, adulthood, etc.>

Prosody/Idiolect (the way the character speaks):

Accent (if any): None
Language spoken: Spanish (Fluent)
Other languages known: English (Fluent)
Style of speaking: Normal?
Volume of voice: Deep

Relationships with others:

Family Members:
  • Parents: Roberto Quezada, Natalia Quzada
  • Siblings: Tourmarine Quezada, Angelina Quezada
  • Cousins: Too many
  • Aunts/Uncles: Too many
  • Grandparents: (Dad) Alexandro Quezada, Maria Quezada. (Mom) Juan Juazqez, Luna Juazqez
  • Distant Family Members: Too many
Best friends: Aliko
Friends: Riptube, Kwi
Important people: Riptube
Enemies: Undecided
Other notes: -


Illnesses (if any): None at the moment
Pet peeves: Eating with mouth open
Talents: Drawing
Favorite colors: Cyan and purple
Favorite type of music: Pop and Alternate 
Favorite food: Posole 
Favorite drinks: Soda
Guilty Pleasures: ???
Other notes: -

The character sheet to go with new design:…
  • Mood: Delighted
  • Listening to: Respect by Aretha Franklin
  • Reading: Nothing
  • Watching: Steven Universe
  • Playing: Kid Icarus: Uprising
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Nothing

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